Thursday, December 10, 2009

MONEY: What if you can give someone everything that they ever wanted? If someone likes life, give them immortality. If someone likes freedom, give them wings to soar away from limitations. At this point in time I don’t have the ability to bestow people with neither immortality nor do I posses the knowledge to free people from their earthly bounds.

There are these people in this world that I can help, at least to gain momentary happiness. These are people who love money, not your average miser who calculates everything. I’m talking about a guy who weighs everything in terms of profit and loss. This is a guy who thinks if he talks too much he spends these many calories in turn he has to eat more food, which would lead to spending money on food so, as a logical solution keeps his mouth shut at all times.

For these people money is everything, they rank it higher than relationships, sometimes higher than freedom.

Do not confuse these people with the impoverished. The poor need money to survive; these people on the other hand want money so that they can be happy. They might even have more money than you but that doesn’t really matter since they need more. So why not give it to them. Even if you have only ten rupees, give them five. You can see true joy in their eyes. It’s the same joy you find in people’s eyes when they meet their long lost love after years of separation. It’s the same joy you see in a mother’s eye when their first kid is born. All this joy cost you was five rupees.


sarith said...

paisa kya hai..haath ka mahel(dust)

phatcougar said...

All hail Prashant.

Avenging Angel said...

The word conditional has to be added to the word Love every time it's written or said as Love has completely lost it's meaning.

phatcougar said...

That could be a whole different blog man. Even friendship has lost its meaning these days atleast for some.

Ash said...

Completely unrelated to this post.. But did u get ur 43?

phatcougar said...

Yes I did. I will be an engineer soon. Sounds like a joke but its true ;)

Ash said...

That's great cougar.. It's a great feeling when you go up on stage to finally get that degree.. Congrats in advance and enjoy the moment :)

Girish.Kumar said...

Hey ash,
I'm lookin forward to it and I'm also getting my EC-32 marks card framed.

Ash said...

Is that the one in which you needed the 43?

Girish.Kumar said...

Yes, ash. Its Electronic Circuits. I still donno why a software engineer would need that.

smallawei said...


Ash said...

Well.. Now you know a little bit more.. and passed the paper too.. So Yay!! ;)

Girish.Kumar said...

lol. You are fun.

ClueLess Alumnus said...

well. that was a nice read. thankz

Girish.Kumar said...

Thank you.

Ash said...

Thanks Girish :)

somebody said...


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